Friday, July 15, 2011

My sisters and I were raised by a goddess of garage sales.  
Actually, no. "Indiana Jones" is a more apt comparison; her eye for treasure made the garage-saling of our childhood a Midwestern adventure.  I think she imparted some of her passion to us, as we've all been avid thrift store patrons since we hit the teens.  
This weekend, my ornery and amazing sister kaylyn came to stay with two very sweet college friends.  Of course, we visited the BROOKLYN FLEA.


  1. Wow, does that Mister Softee truck bring back the memories. I was 7 or 8 living on a quiet little residential avenue in Tonawanda, near Buffalo, and in the summertime we could hear that tinkle-y happy music announcing his presence from many blocks away; it always seemed like forever before he turned down our street. One of the many neighbor kids would run from door to door letting everybody know, so we'd wind up with a huge crowd gathered in front of the Davoli's when Mr. Softee finally got to us. That was 50 years ago and that truck looks just the same.

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  3. I love the "heaven help us" screen print w/ the naked woman! Can't wait to hit up the brooklyn flea on sunday! :)