Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So, as usual I couldn't just let things fall where they may.  After writing Mr. Scott a flowery little letter, I received this response(!):

I remember that!
The pants were great
I'm glad you like he work


My 15 minutes of fame rejection today:

I was nearing work this morning and got the much dreaded, but oft experienced sensation that someone was  watching me.  I could sense it was the bicyclist behind me, and he was creeping like it was his job.  When i turned around to express my disapproval of said creeping, I saw a familiar face.  I was scowling at THE Scott Schuman, yes, of Sartorialist fame.  If there was any doubt in my mind that he might not be the world famous blogger, I quickly noticed the smoking gun: his camera, of course.  Sadly, it was his job to creep, and my scowling misdirected.  

As I turned around he made a face. I am still unsure whether it was a grimace or a smile.  It was hot, he was on a bike, and riding uphill, so maybe he meant to smile? Most likely he was riding slowly to see if i was worthy blog fodder, got close enough, noticed the pools of perspiration, and changed his mind.  I am sad to say it wouldn't be the first time I was rejected from a favorite street style source.  Earlier this year Maria Mikkelson approached me for Nylon, but I never made the cut.  To quote a great trendsetter of our past, "OH WHAT A WORLD, WHAT A WORLD."

In other, better news, I finally got around to fixing my Hurwundekis!  The toes had been so badly scratched, I thought it better just to cover them right up.


  1. I predict that you and mr. sneakycamera will cross paths again, under better cicumstances for both of you.

  2. love the way you write :) I mean it was obvious that you would meet scott soon or later in NY :) i never saw him smile actually :P